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A few Photos
have just been added to the site.

The last Beaker Street show on The Point was broadcast Sunday Night February 6, 2011.
Sadly, Little Rock Classics shares the same fate as Beaker Street.
I must say it has been an honor and a privledge to work with Clyde Clifford
(a true radio broadcasting legend) and be part of Beaker
Street for the past three years.

Will Little Rock Classics reappear at some point in the future? Don't know.
But, I'll post more information here as I know it.

Reviews / comments about the final Beaker Street show can be found here
and here.

The playlist for the last Beaker Street Show is here.

Please read the following message from Clyde Clifford - host of Beaker Street -

"I have really felt at home here at the Point.
The staff and especially the audience have been great.
I had hoped that someday in the nebulous future that the Point
would be where I would finally decide to retire.

That is not to be.
The last Beaker Street on The Point was February 6th, 2011.
Check here often for information, which I will post as I learn it.
I am talking to a couple of stations, but everything is still up in the air.
Keep the faith. I intend to continue Beaker Street as long as I can."

Check out the You Tube video of Beaker Street from January 16, 2011.

More information is coming to this site soon including -
a list of Beaker Street Classics.
Check back often.

Free music download from Moonalice.
It's 4:20 Somewhere - FLAC download

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